Monday, November 26, 2012

Nest™ Learning Thermostat: The Next Generation in Temperature Control

If you thought your thermostat was little more than an ugly box on the wall, think again. Even if you have a programmable model, chances are you’re not enjoying the full, energy-efficient benefits of a properly used thermostat. Most of us turn the temperature up or down manually as we remember, rather than taking the time to figure out each unit’s programming complexities. As a result, we are often wasting energy rather than saving it!

Enter Nest: the World’s First “Learning Thermostat.”

Designed by iPod creator Tony Fadell, Nest is an affordable conversation piece that saves you money while delivering precision temperature control. This attractive, futuristic orb looks great on your wall, and can be managed online or via smartphone—so you can adjust the temperature from afar. Best of all, the Nest “learns” your climate habits, creating a personalized heating and cooling program based upon your usage and comfort patterns.

Benefits of the Nest thermostat include:

  • Energy savings. When used correctly, a programmable thermostat can save you up to 20 percent on your heating & cooling bill. Nest makes it easy to save money, since there is no complicated programming process.  
  • Auto-away setting. Nest detects when you’re away, automatically lowering the temperature so you’re not heating an empty home or business.
  • Real-time digital control. Using secure account access, you can easily access your thermostat to adjust temperature from a laptop, PC or smartphone.   
  • Eco-friendly. When you are saving energy with Nest, you’ll see the Nest Leaf™ appear on your thermostat display. In addition, you can access Nest’s energy history to see how much energy you’re really saving.

For your convenience, Main Street Heating & Cooling installs Nest Learning Thermostats for Salt Lake City and the Wasatch Front. To schedule a Nest installation or speak with our team about using programmable thermostats to achieve energy savings, call 801-930-5151 or visit our contact page. To learn more about Nest technology, or view a video of the Nest Learning Thermostat, visit the Nest site today!