Monday, August 19, 2013

Preparing Your Home for Fall

As summer fades and fall looms, it’s the perfect time for Salt Lake City residents to prepare their property for the season’s unpredictable weather conditions. The following checklist is a handy reference that will have you ready for autumn in no time.

Take care of the gutters. As your gutters collect piles of summer debris, it’s easy for clogs to form. Remove twigs, leaves and other materials from your gutters and flush them with a hose. Remember basic ladder safety and never do this unless someone else is home!

Winterize outdoor faucets. When it’s time to shut off the sprinklers, it’s a good idea to remove hoses from their spigots and drain outdoor pipes so you don’t face the cost and inconvenience of water damage.

Clean up the fireplace. Clear old logs and debris from the hearth, and hire a professional to remove last year’s ashes and soot from inside your chimney. Keeping your chimney maintained prevents dangerous particulates from entering your home—and reduces the risk of structural fires.

Keep the cold weather outside. Weather stripping windows and doors keeps you cozy while lowering utility bills. Look for light and feel for air around openings and outlets. To insulate your home from drafts, choose from a variety of foam, vinyl or felt weather stripping (depending upon the application). Aging homes may also require window replacement to improve comfort and lower energy use. This can be a costly investment, so consider replacing a few at a time, starting with main living areas.

Prioritize family safety. Each year, it is a good idea to have a family meeting to go over safety measures, fire escape routes, and disaster preparation. This is also an ideal time to test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and replace batteries. Visit the FEMA website or Be Ready Utah for comprehensive information about being prepared for weather, natural disasters, and other unexpected circumstances.

Maintain your heating system. We have compiled a list of do-it-yourself tasks that will keep your HVAC system running safely and comfortably, year round. In addition, it’s a good idea to schedule a professional inspection one to two times per year. HVAC inspections are not a gimmick. Studies show that well-maintained furnaces and heat pumps last longer and run more efficiently than overlooked systems. Your HVAC technician will inspect and clean your equipment, change filters, and alert you to potential safety hazards. Reputable HVAC companies often provide coupons and promotions for system winterization, so this is an affordable investment you can’t afford to neglect.

To schedule a seasonal inspection for your home comfort system, or to inquire about fall specials and HVAC winterization services, call 801.930.5151 or email our team of skilled technicians today!