Thursday, January 9, 2014

Searching for the Perfect Line…

Skiing is in my blood. Always has been. It’s impossible not to be impressed with the snow-capped peaks scraping along the edge of the sky. Our snow, downy and dry, is the best I’ve ever ridden (all due respect to our neighbors’ claims). For me, in the midst of the mountains and the snow and the terrain and the trees there’s a mystery—there’s a perfect line that I know is out there, somewhere, and I never stop looking for it. There’s a perfect tree run, a secret bowl, a drop that puts me waist deep in powder. Finally, there’s a smile and a brightness I feel when it all starts to come together. Surfer’s call this feeling ‘the stoke.’ I don’t know what I call it but it’s my own version of the Endless Summer that keeps me coming back to the mountains. My perfect run is out there waiting for me to find it, to carve it, to claim it… 

It seems like a pretty big leap to make a comparison to the elation I feel in the mountains and the pride I feel as a business owner. The two appear to be very different worlds. On the surface they are. But there’s always more to it than meets the eye. I look for perfection in both worlds. I look at the details of my job and at everything we do at Main Street Heating and Cooling with the same passion that drives me down the slopes. I scrutinize the planning, our people, materials, equipment, and the installation of our products with the same passion that I use to evaluate a snow report, my ski gear, and the terrain. It’s always the details that make the difference. For me, the passion for perfection carries over perfectly. 

I’m sharing this with you because there is a difference between imagining perfection and relentlessly going after it every single day. Main Street Heating and Cooling is more than just another service company. We never set out to fall in to the middle of the bell curve. Our commitment to the perfect installation, the perfect service maintenance, and the perfect customer experience is rooted in the same passion that sends me to the mountains year after year. It never ends. I know that our sales, service, and installation teams share the same ‘stoke’ for getting it right and doing it better than anyone else. There’s nothing accidental about this. It’s the characteristic that we all have in common. 

Winter will pass and I’ll move on to mountain biking and trail running. I know our customers, however, will be living in their homes regardless of the weather. I know that they’ll be living better lives, saving money, feeling comfortable. Our dedication to the perfect installation ensures that how they live is a reflection of how we do our job. Nothing less than perfection will suffice. 

See you up on the hill,