Friday, December 14, 2012

Now is the Time to Save Money on Furnace Replacement!

If you’ve been nursing your ailing furnace along, this season is a great time to purchase a new model. Due to the 2013 Furnace Efficiency Law, many manufacturers are offering equipment deals and system incentives that will save you money before the law goes into effect.

What is the 2013 Furnace Efficiency Law?

Passed by the Department of Energy (DOE), the new Furnace Efficiency Law will be instituted May of 2013, and elevates energy standards for HVAC appliances. Under this new law, Salt Lake City residents are required to have non-weatherized furnaces or mobile gas furnaces that are at least 90% efficient. (Previously, the standard was 80% efficiency).

Benefits of Replacing Your Furnace Before May 2013

Residents who install a new furnace before the new DOE law goes into effect are still permitted to purchase 80% Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) furnaces. When properly installed by a Utah HVAC professional, these 80% AFUE furnaces can last 20 years or more with regular maintenance. In addition, the units cost less than their 90% AFUE successors, making them a good investment for vacation home and rental property owners (or homeowners on a tight budget). And, when you choose an 80% AFUE furnace model, installation costs are less than they are with 90% models—which require additional venting and may also require replacement of your chimney lining and hot water heater.

Benefits of Higher Efficiency Furnaces

If you’re considering upgrading your home’s heating system to 90% AFUE or above (called “condensing furnaces"), you’ll enjoy a number of advantages, as well. These include:
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Lower monthly utility bills
  • Extra heat exchanger that utilizes heat from exhaust gases, thereby saving energy
  • Rebates and incentives from manufacturers, utility companies and the government

At Main Street Heating & Cooling, our qualified technicians will help you select the furnace that suits your comfort and budget needs. Our team members are familiar with 2013 DOE legislation, and can assist you with purchasing and installing a central heating system that will perform to your expectations and save you money for years to come.

For a custom consultation, contact us via phone or email today. We look forward to assisting you, and wish you a joyful holiday season!