Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Movember Madness and a Helping Those in Need

November has been an incredible month for the team at Main Street Heating and Cooling. First, we want to say “thank you” to the friends and clients who continually support our work as Utah’s heating, air conditioning, and service leader. We’re deeply grateful. Also, we want to thank the many people who have supported Main Street Movember and have generously donated to our food bank outreach. We also want to send out best thoughts and wishes to #SFBatkid, Miles Scott.

Like millions of people across the country we were touched by Miles, the San Francisco “Bat Kid” and his amazing adventures. Thanks to the Make-a-Wish foundation we watched a city, then a nation, make Miles’ dream of saving Gotham come true. It was a touching, human reminder that we all play small roles in helping each other live better lives. Go get ‘em Miles!

As you can see by the picture, Movember has turned in to Beardvember here at Main Street. It’s not exactly by the Movember rules, but Brent’s wife sort of put her foot down on his handlebar moustache. Plus, we didn’t think that Brent could actually grow a full beard. Turns out we were wrong about the beard but very right about the importance of supporting the Movember Movement. Men from around the world are proudly sharing their “Mo’s” in order to bring funding and awareness to men’s health issues. Main Street Heating and Cooling is equally proud to be involved and support this outstanding moustache movement. Can’t say that Brent’s wife is totally on board yet but there’s always 2014!

Finally, Main Street Heating and Cooling is contributing to a local food bank. Helping people feel comfortable in their homes is what we do as a business. But what if the people living in the homes are going hungry? According to a 2012 study, 15.8% or nearly one in six Utah households suffer from food hardships. The number of Utah families requiring food assistance has increased 269%. Food hardships have a ripple effect ranging from health problems to lost time at work to poor academic performance. This year Main Street Heating and Cooling is supporting the South Valley Food Bank. Please give us a call or send us an email if you’d like to learn how to help us ensure that no family goes hungry this holiday season.

So as we head towards Thanksgiving, everyone here at Main Street Heating and Cooling wishes you, your family, and your loved ones a fantastic Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Move Over for Movember!!

Look out everyone! This November Doug and Brent are growing moustaches in Movember. Movember is a global movement dedicated to raising awareness and funds for some of the most common health problems men face today. Plus, moustaches are, well, manly (and Brent needs a little more “manly”). Never heard of Movember? Then here’s why Main Street Heating and Cooling is a very proud supporter:

The Movember Movement began in 2003 as a fun way to raise awareness about the very real and preventable threats that prostate and testicular cancer pose for men. The idea was simple: grow a moustache as an easy way to make a statement, tell a few friends, and use business to support a great cause. In 2003 30 “Mo Bros” styled that hair above the lip and launched Movember. Now, 10 years later, Movember has become a truly global phenomenon. In 2012 Movember raised over 147 million dollars in donations—all of which are given directly to organizations committed to men’s health. 1,270,152 men registered as “Mo Bros” and grew some of the most well groomed facial hair on the planet. Finally, Movember was ranked in the Top 100 NGOs based on its positive impact on health awareness, innovation, and sustainability. What began as a clever way to say “we care” has become a powerhouse.

Our team at Main Street Heating and Cooling was drawn to the Movember Movement because our business shares many of the same values as the Movember Movement itself:

  • Fun. We love our work and we love our customers. We believe that we can successfully combine a fantastic heating and cooling business with a totally positive experience for our customers. Replacing or servicing a heating or cooling system doesn’t have to be a drag. 
  • Accountability. Main Street and Heating and Cooling is built on a loyal following. We’re accountable to our customers for great feedback and continued support. 
  • Caring. Ever had one of our cookie bags? Give us a call. Trust us on this one. Our business grows because our customers know we care. 
  • Humble. We’re a new company with an old soul. Traditional values keep us grounded and they have since day one. 
  • Innovative. Main Street Heating and Cooling recommends products that are intelligently designed for the modern lifestyle. 
  • Remarkable Experience. The most important part of our job is making sure our customers feel that they’ve been treated to a superior service experience. 
  • Change Agents. We didn’t set out to build a run-of-the-mill heating, cooling, and service company. We set out to set a new standard in the HVAC industry. We’re feeling pretty good about our start. 
Main Street Heating and Cooling is more than simply an HVAC company. We know that business can be a force of positive change and assistance for others. If growing a moustache is a simple way to say “We care” then we’re all in. Welcome to Movember!